As mentioned in our previous blog we attended Facebook F8 this year to showcase some of our work. Amongst this was our newest version of the National Geographic 360-tour of the world’s largest cave, Son Doong. This project was before IVAR was started but was the project that let us kick-start IVAR’s opportunities.

Ever since we started working with immersive formats we’ve been strong propent of WebVR. Making our content available in the easiest way possible for the most amount of people to be able to enjoy it. With our focus being on this it’s been natural to develop our content in WebVR.

For Facebook F8 we partnered up with Facebook/Oculus and the start-up Vizor and re-created the Son Doong 360 experience in their spectacular WebVR framework. At F8 the experience was released on stage at one of the keynotes about WebVR development. See the keynote here, Son Doong is from 13.28 and forward.

Below you can experience the new Son Doong experience!