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360 video in a nutshell

360-degree videos are a valuable tool for businesses looking to engage and connect with their audience. These videos provide a more immersive experience, allowing viewers to feel more connected to the content and providing a better understanding of the business’s products or services. 

360 video is perfect for letting your viewer experience something like they are there for real. 

We produce 360-videos for many usecases like: documentaries, simulations and training scenarios, dome-displays and marketing activations to be used at expos and fairs.

As an award-winning 360 video agency, we not only help you create stunning videos, we create immersive, engaging experiences tying your cause, story, and visuals together to reach your goals.


Award-winning 360-degree video creators

Engage with emotions

We create stories with emotions in mind, our 360-degree videos are always made to provoke emotions and engage our senses to be stunning and memorable.

Storytelling from beginning to end

A good story is what keeps us hooked, and we always work hard to create the most captivating storyline to keep your audience hooked and engaged until the end.

We leave nothing to imagination

We know we’re in a technical field, that’s why we’re with you every step of the way. Working with us is always smooth, clear, and effortless.



One of the most important aspects of 360-videos and the production of these is how to distribute them to your end users. Use our pre-prepared VR-kits to create synchronized showings of your 360-video content.

We are experienced in supplying VR-headset kits for our clients. This can be permanent installations at museums, or VR-kits for events and expos.

We offer:

  • Tailored VR-headsets
  • Remote management (so we can update software for you remotely)
  • Custom hardcases, from 1 headset to 20 separate headsets

360-video in dome theatres

All over Europe and the US there are dome theatres in construction, leading the new trend of immersive storytelling in a cinema-style experience.

These domes allow visitors to step inside a large sphere-like structure and get a cinematic experience that unfolds all around them.

This format is a great extension of the 360-video format, and is perfect for developing high-profile content that you can center events around.

360-video from a rainforest video displayed inside a dome theatre
360-video from a rainforest video displayed inside a dome theatre


Our clients thoughts about working with us

"Working with the team at IVAR has been both a joy and an honor. In addition to the incredible technical skills, creative vision, and reliable execution they bring to the table, the IVAR team is also a pleasure to work with. They are open communicators, excellent problem-solvers, and together we've created award-winning, immersive impact films for the National Geographic Society, introducing audiences to people and places they may never otherwise have the opportunity to learn from. I truly can't wait for our next collaboration."
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
Senior Producer, National Geographic Society

Why 360 videos are so effective

Activate the audience

360 videos engage and activate the audience to participate which prompts them to stay and watch till the end.

Immersive experience

Compared to regular video, 360-degree videos activate more of our senses and gives us a more fulfilling and strong experience.

Spark curiosity

360 videos are buzzing and viewing something from different angles triggers our curiosity to see and interact more.

Better product demos

360 videos better show and engage product demos so that sales increase.

We are the number one most experienced 360-production company in the nordics

This is how we create 360 videos

1. Ideas & Concept

Idea development
Context and existing content
Define scope and goals

2. Preparation

Location scouting
Logistics and permits
Script and shotlist

3. Production


4. Launch & Support

Specialized VR-kits
Online Distribution
Event Activations

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How long does it take?

Depending on your needs and the scope of the project, we can make a finished video real quick, in a matter of weeks.

Do I need any special equipment to view 360 video?

No, you don’t. You can watch it as a regular video and choose to interact with it by clicking and dragging the mouse in the video as it’s playing to view the video from different angles.

Where can I use 360 video?

360 videos can be used most places regular videos are used such as your website, Facebook, Google My Business, Vimeo, and YouTube.