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VR Learning for Roofers with Plåt&Ventbyrån

Immersive VR for future roofers

Roofers have a unique job. They stand high above the city, seeing views most of us never do. But it’s hard to get young people excited about this job if they can’t experience that view for themselves.

Plåt & Ventbyråns wanted to show young people what it’s like to be a roofer. They tried using fairs and expos, but it just wasn’t the same as actually being on a roof. So, we had an idea: if we can’t take them to the rooftops, why not bring the rooftops to them? We thought of using Virtual Reality to give them a real feel for the job, making it fun and engaging at the same time.

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The Challenges We Encountered

The VR experience was designed to be as close to reality as possible. Further, we knew that many users would be unfamiliar with virtual reality. As part of the design process, we took a user-centric approach. The experience begins with a user-friendly tutorial intended to help users become familiar with virtual reality. It is now possible for every user, whether they are a VR novice or an experienced roofer, to easily grasp the environment, interact seamlessly, and truly immerse themselves in the world of a roofer.

The experience was also designed to make users feel as if they were on a roof during the experience. Mixing 3D and real world photography we managed to create an environment that really allows the user to feel immersed. When you are atop the building at the construction site and look out at the view, you see a real 360-photo of the Stockholm skyline. Another way we ensured realism throughout the experience was that we 3D-scanned real-life roofing tools to get accurate models.

A Gamified Experience

Our VR training solutions were not simply intended to educate them about tools, but also to provide them with insight into the occupation. Our goal was to incorporate a competitive element into the experience, so we set up a small competition at the end of the experience. 

The VR application isn’t merely a tool—it’s a narrative giving you insights into the life of a roofer. As users strap on their headsets and begin their virtual journey, they aren’t just watching—they are participating and understanding what it means to be a sheet metal worker in roofing.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Training

  • Real Feels: VR drops you right into the scenario, making training sessions feel like real-life experiences.
  • Safety First: Practice risky tasks without actual risks. No more “oops” moments!
  • Flexibility: Train anywhere, anytime. All you need is a headset—no fancy venues are required.
  • Engagement Boost: Trust us, it’s way more fun than traditional methods. Yawn-free guaranteed!
  • Instant Feedback: If you make a mistake, you can instantly see it and correct it. No waiting around.
  • Customizable Scenarios: We offer a variety of VR training solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific training requirements.

Our Efficient VR Training Solutions

Whether you are interested in immersive training solutions or cutting edge technologies, we are excited to help you. Our solutions are tailored to your industry needs and designed to provide an immersive, interactive learning experience. With our technology, you can make training efficient, engaging, and cost-effective.

Why choose IVAR Studios?

  • Been there, done that. Years of hands-on experience under our belt – we know what works.
  • We’re not just tech-savvy; we’re people-savvy. We get you.
  • No cookie-cutter solutions here. Tailor-made for your needs.
  • If you have a question, we are always available to answer it.
  • We love a challenge. Bring it on!

We invite you to experience first-hand the effectiveness of VR training solutions and the transformative power of virtual reality training. Join us in reinventing training and elevating experiences through virtual reality.

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