TYA Educational 360 videos Background Without trucks, Sweden – and the rest of the world – would stand still. So how can we ensure that the driving industry keeps on finding new talent and educating its staff? TYA wanted to develop new digital tools for their current and future staff with an equal focus on … Read more


FCK360 VR live streaming Background As the restrictions got more and more extensive due to the pandemic, the supporters of different sports were left frustrated. Watching their favorite team on television instead of celebrating a stunning goal in a crowd of comrades was incomparable. The clubs themselves lost a massive amount of revenue, meanwhile many … Read more

Everest Expedition 360

360 VIDEO Everest Expedition A 360 degree video https://youtu.be/KM6HWp_ik2chttps://youtu.be/twVdBzQM-gc Expedition Everest VR The earth’s climate is rapidly changing, and as part of a robust effort to improve our understanding and resilience to the impacts of climate change on mountain systems, National Geographic conducted the most comprehensive single scientific expedition to Mount Everest between April and … Read more

Virtual Tour Iggesund

Iggesund A 360 Virtual Tour Click on the image to view the tour Background Since their story began in the late 17th century, the mill of Iggesund has a great history of producing high quality products made from the nearby forests. Nowadays, Holmen Iggesund is well known for their high end paperboard production, which is … Read more

The Journey of Skrei

The Journey of Skrei A 360 video production An international marketing campaign Come with us to the stormy waters outside the northern coast of Norway to explore the heritage tale about the labor that goes into fishing these waters. We follow the brothers Kurt and Trond in a campaign aiming to spread knowledge about the … Read more

Son Doong

Son Doong Cave A virtual tour online Background Hang Son Doong in Vietnam is the world’s largest cave. It’s opening was discovered in the early 1990s, but the cave wasn’t fully explored until in 2009. Scientists have just begun to unravel its many unique features and describe its specific ecology. We are still proud that … Read more

Gibson – A lions tale

Gibson A lions tale through 360 VR video Background In a first-ever lion VR 360-video filmed from the heart of a pride in the wild, you get to come face to face with lions in Virtual Reality. In close collaboration with Zambia Carnivore Programme, Martin Edström and the IVAR Studios team pushed the boundaries of … Read more