Nordic Glaciers

Nordic Glaciers: Frozen in Time What did Europe’s glaciers look like a century ago? An immersive time-machine for climate change In our story, a family of glaciologists invite today’s students to travel back in time and see the impact of climate change for themselves. Using high-tech 3D workflows to bring 100 year-old archive images to … Read more

VR Roofer

VR Roofer Gamified educational VR app for roofers How to make roofing more appealing? Plåt & Ventbyrån approached us about creating an experience that would allow them to showcase to potential students what the occupation of being a sheet metal worker in roofing would look like. We conceptualized and developed a entertaining and educational VR … Read more

Fire drill in VR

Fire drills in VR Using VR to create a time-saving way to complete fire evacuation scenarios Repeatable fire drill in VR The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) wanted a way to create a virtual and digital complement to traditional fire evacuation drills. We created a virtual training scenario using VR and 360-video. VRVR-hardware kits360-video … Read more

Memories of Mexico

Memories of Mexico Explore ancient civilizations in a 3D cross-platform adventure A gamified history lesson Why read about historical events when you can jump right into them? Together with Världskulturmuseerna (The National Museums of World Culture) we created a gamified 3D experience with a narrative centered around the civilizations of ancient Mexico – aimed for … Read more

Sörmland Vatten

Sörmland Vatten A fun way for children to learn about sewage treatment The cycle of water and waste What happens to the waste you flush down the toilet? And what is actually okay to flush? With interactive virtual tours children can learn about the whole process in a fun and engaging way, both in school … Read more

Stockholm Exergi

Stockholm Exergi Virtual tours to sites otherwise closed to the public Enabling otherwise impossible visits to Stockholm Exergi Have you ever wondered where the heat in your home comes from? And how it gets there? Visit the source from anywhere, using virtual tours for digital visits at Stockholm Exergi’s four energy plants in Stockholm. Digital … Read more

Protonresan – Barncancerfonden

Protonresan Using VR as a tool in healthcare for cancer patients and their families Digital visits through VR for cancer patients and families Together with DVA Studios, for Barncancerfonden, we produced seven 360/VR-episodes to give families and patients a better understanding of the upcoming treatment Protonresan is preparation material for children, young people and families … Read more

Sagarmatha Next

Sagarmatha Next Telling the story about Everest’s Trash– in film, VR and a physical exhibition Inspiring people to be part of the solution to waste in the Himalayas Since before we even started IVAR Studios, we’ve been documenting the initiative of Sagarmatha Next in Nepal – who wants to clear the Everest region from trash. … Read more

Vardaga – Virtual Visit

Vardaga Virtual Visit Elder care facility in VR Background Vardaga is one of the largest private elderly care providers in Sweden. To aid their work when establishing new elder care facilities we created a 360-video to use at events and expos. We also created a virtual visit to their elder care facilities. You can find … Read more