Fire drills in VR

Using VR to create a time-saving way to complete fire evacuation scenarios

Repeatable fire drill in VR

The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) wanted a way to create a virtual and digital complement to traditional fire evacuation drills. We created a virtual training scenario using VR and 360-video.

VR-hardware kits

Learn by seeing

Story and mission

Doing traditional fire evacuation drills is something that is very time-consuming. Every employee has to be in the office that day, and it’s a situation that takes a big toll on larger organizations.

Arbetsförmedlingen came to use wanting a digital way of turning fire drills into something virtual – scalable and repeatable.

Easy to use & deploy

We produced three scenarios in 360-video. The scenarios were produced in 360-video, however one of the scenarios feature interactivity to enable the user to make choices in the story.
The scenarios are:

  • Fire evacuation
  • Unknown threat in the building (interactive)
  • Fire evacuation if you are impaired

Our supplied VR-kits enable Arbetsförmedlingen to use the VR-solution in groups. The group enjoys a synchronized playback of the content, and after each piece they take off the headset to discuss in groups. The solutions is a scalable and repeatable way to portray otherwise difficult situations to replicate. 

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