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Most of the companies we’ve worked with in this area have needed some form of virtual tour to show their facility to customers or visitors. Another popular use has been to teach future workers what the facilities look like and their internal workflow. Virtual tours can be as engaging as you want them to be and we’ve noticed that industries often use live guided immersive tours to really make the most of their virtual tour.

How a virtual tour could streamline your sales process

Having worked with some of the world-leading steel companies in different areas, we know an interactive guided virtual tour can be priceless. Especially if you aim to streamline your sales process, have a transparent and open ongoing communication with clients, and increase the cost-effectiveness minimizing meetings and questions. A guided tour clarifies what is needed when selling and showing how the work is made.

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Increased time-effectiveness through enabling visiting tours with the use of VR

Ovako Experience

Together with Ovako, a leading European manufacturer of engineering steel, we open the doors to steel production – and you can get closer than ever before. We designed and produced this experience to give visitors a full tour of steel production – letting visitors to Ovako’s VR Showroom get the full picture. What used to take hours now take minutes: giving visitors a first-hand experience of the full production workflow of Sweden’s finest steel.

By guiding our visitors on a virtual workshop, we can add a completely new opportunity to showcase Ovako’s production in a new exciting way. We strongly believe in the possibilities of VR technology going forward with our virtual screenings already resulting in many positive praises.

– Göran Nyström
Executive Vice President, Ovako AB

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