Memories of Mexico

Explore ancient civilizations in a 3D cross-platform adventure

A gamified history lesson

Why read about historical events when you can jump right into them?
Together with Världskulturmuseerna (The National Museums of World Culture) we created a gamified 3D experience with a narrative centered around the civilizations of ancient Mexico – aimed for children and students.


Interactive learning

Story and mission

Your journey begins in a sacred Mexican cave where the guardians of history preserve the memories of the past. Suddenly, a strange figure appears and steals all the memorabilia, including the guardians’ memories of the past. All memories of ancient Mexico is now lost.
It’s your job to find all the lost memorabilia that has been scattered throughout history.

You will travel in time from the Olmecs to the fight for independence via the Maya, the Aztecs and the Conquistadors. Along the way, you’ll meet a number of exciting characters who will help you complete your mission.

Easy to use for schools

The experience is web-based and cross-platform, which means it is accessible on different types of devices – from one single link. Students can explore ancient Mexico on their Chromebooks in school, in a Virtual Reality headset, a tablet or smartphone.

Together with Värlskulturmuseerna, we have used the Swedish curriculum as a starting point to create a resource that is as useful as possible and that teachers can actually utilize in their classes.

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