Nordic Glaciers: Frozen in Time

What did Europe’s glaciers look like a century ago?

An immersive time-machine for climate change

In our story, a family of glaciologists invite today’s students to travel back in time and see the impact of climate change for themselves.

Using high-tech 3D workflows to bring 100 year-old archive images to life in 3D, we’re making an immersive fulldome film and an interactive VR experience. 


Through the lens of time, the glaciers of the Nordic regions reveal a tale of timeless beauty, hidden archaeological secrets, and an urgent reminder of humanity’s impact on the climate.

A collective fulldome film experience

What did Europe’s glaciers look like a century ago?

In our story, a family of glaciologists travel back in time to find out – inviting today’s students to tag along and see the impact of climate change for themselves.

The result will be an epic visual journey back in time, blending spectacular cinematic visuals and animated 3D elements tailored for the fulldome cinema format.


Fulldome film and VR Experience

Telling the story of climate change in new, immersive formats

Visualizing real, collected data

Using special tools like extremely high-res photogrammetry and manual 3D-conversion we will make historical photography of real geology come to life in sterescopic 3D in the fulldome experience.

Using photographs from as far back as 1910, we will let people experience Nordic glaciers as they were 100 years ago. We will also be filming cinematic sequences of these glaciers, using fisheye full-dome lenses on high-resolution cameras.


A scientific voice

The whole story will be written together with glaciologists and scientists, to ensure the narrative is a fully fact-based story without alarmist perspectives.

By using scientists as main characters and letting them lead the story onward, we will be able to craft a story and learning experience for our intended target group: children and teenagers in ages 12-15.

We already have glaciologists on board as scientific advisors from the very start of our project.


And an interactive VR component

We’re also developing the narrative as an external VR component, meant to be experienced on your own, with friends or in a class-room.

Departing from the collective immersion of the fulldome cinema film, the VR component will be more hands-on and let you fully interact with parts of the story.

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