Using VR as a tool in healthcare for cancer patients and their families

Digital visits through VR for cancer patients and families

Together with DVA Studios, for Barncancerfonden, we produced seven 360/VR-episodes to give families and patients a better understanding of the upcoming treatment

Protonresan is preparation material for children, young people and families before proton beam treatment in Uppsala. Protonresan consists of seven films that can be experienced in VR (virtual reality) and the headsets that are available at all six children’s oncology centers in the country. The material should give children, young people and their families an increased sense of empowerment and security for their upcoming treatment.

To make sure that Protonresan becomes a tool used by the national oncology centers the project made sure that the type of VR headset used was adapted for long-term use in public environments. VR can be a tricky tool to use in public spaces, and most of the users of Protonresan will be first-time VR-users. The stories have to be easy to understand, and the hardware must be easy to use.

VR for empowerment and understanding

Real stories from family to family


For the project 7x episodes were produced to complement a real physical visit. The themes of the episodes range from where the families will be staying, how treatment at the hospital works, to where the children will go to school.

By watching the videos the families will get a deeper understanding of the treatment process. See one of the episodes here.

Technical solution

Using VR poses many challenges for an organization. One of the most important things we wanted to solve here was a painless solution for the hospital and intended users of the hardware.

We ended up using an adaptable system with a VR-headset and an external monitor. This allows everyone in the room to see what is seen in the VR-headset. The system doesn’t require any supplementary equipment such as a computer or a large screen. Contact us for more information about this setup.

TeamDVA Studios, IVAR Studios
Year2021, 2022

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