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The real estate industry is a hard-working line of business. For brokers, there are a lot of properties and contacts to connect and mediate between and for buyers it’s both time-consuming and hard, if not impossible, to make it to all viewings.

What if there is a way to increase effectiveness and customer satisfaction with less work?

Throughout the years we’ve worked with numerous businesses striving for new engaging ways to showcase their different properties and real estate to their customers. With the help of virtual tours, we create cost-effective communication tools in which property developers, co-working spaces and event businesses can extend their reach in exciting and immersive new ways.

Most common services real estate agents want:

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Hundreds of monthly visitors and increased cost-effective communication

Virtual tour for VårgårdaHus

VårgårdaHus produce new houses and needed to showcase their houses virtually so that their customers could view their properties without the time-consuming hassle of going to their office. 

With a virtual tour of one of their most popular houses they have effectively enhanced their communication with thousands of visitors as well as increased their cost-effectiveness in showing prospective customers their houses.

“IVAR studios has been a flexible and reliable partner in taking our traditional way of showcasing our products to a new digital solution. We are impressed by there hard work and will keep on pushing it to the next level together.”

– Emilia Benkel
Strategic Communicator, VårgårdaHus

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