We continually create and engineer premium Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, 360 Videos and more. Our solutions let people experience the world in new, interactive ways.

Storytelling and Idea Development

We are storytellers. Storytelling to us is about visualizing feelings, conveying messages and passing on knowledge that sticks with the user. New technologies let us tell stories in a new and sometimes more effective, way. We make storyboards, write scripts and lead storytelling workshops – developing new ideas for new formats.

Cinematic 360-Video

The most accessible immersive format, and the gateway to the world of interactive visual communication. Our work spans from small 360-video ads to complete experiences. 360 degree video is an impressive and immersive way to get your story across with more detail, more emotion and more focus on the user being a part of the story. 360 video expands the level of storytelling, creating an immersive, moving and sounding experience.

Virtual Reality

Step into new worlds, as if you were there yourself. We pride ourselves to be pioneers within the virtual sphere of interactive Virtual Reality – and it’s always been the core of our business. It’s what keeps us up at night. VR is one of the most immersive and most fun ways to tell your story and display your idea. Perfect for interactive, engaging and educational content. Interaction enables deeper narratives and more exploration.

Augmented Reality

Make the world come alive with nothing but your smartphone. With the connection and context we get from our mobile devices, we can create digital experiences that not only fits into everyday life situations but builds on people’s habits and rituals on mobile platforms like social media. Augmented Reality offers a new way of storytelling, blending the physical and the digital world.


Photogrammetry is the process of creating hyper-realistic 3D replicas of any subject, and enables us to bring anything from tiny objects to vast environments into 3D space and interactive applications. These models can be animated using real-time 3D facial scans and full body motion tracking. Photogrammetry enables us to recreate any person, place, or thing in a virtual space.

LIDAR Laser Scanning

Through Light Detection and Ranging, LIDAR laser can create a detailed digital copy of the real world. Combined with the texture from photos this can create organic 3D models, from items to massive landscapes. We work with LIDAR to help clients visualize spaces, buildings and environments but also to help scientists and the public sector to measure, archive and plan.

Volumetric Capture and Advanced Formats

We also work with a variety of real-world captured virtual reality applications. 3D-scanning, Volumetric Capture and other interactive formats. These pipelines are often more experimental, but we love to dig deeper in these new immersive formats.


As our storytelling formats often mean adapting to new ways to reach and impact the audience, we deliver complete solutions from content to distribution. Experience has taught us a lot about the tools we need to employ to stand out in the media landscape. We tailor VR-headsets, complete showrooms or trade show-ready equipment – that makes the step into immersive a natural fit.

As for online deployment, we have long partnered with top tech partners including Facebook, Oculus and Google, which gives us insight into the best online channels for our client projects. We also offer managed hosting, or can help launch projects on company websites.

Our Process

We start by listening to your ideas, needs and expectations. Then, taking into account the constraints such as time frame and budget, we suggest possible concepts for your consideration. Also, we show you real-life examples to give you a better idea about the options.

We work closely with our clients to understand and adapt briefs to the medium. We’ll then develop a script and storyboard that illustrates this brief as one of the first steps towards visualising the experience.

Crafting great content from very simple to complex scenarios requires a number of different skill sets. Script writers, story-boarders, art directors, 3D modelers, to bring it all together to create the perfect experience. We produce with a focus on achieving ‘presence’, and fundamental to this is creating content that is both comfortable and engaging. Comfort requires particular care and attention. Motion, and technical aspects all need to be carefully planned and executed.

Once we finalize the concept, we prepare for the production stage. This includes location scouting, selecting the right equipment, hiring talent, planning the best day/time for the filming, obtaining permits, etc. etc.

Many factors need to be considered when producing immersive experiences. In 360-degree there is no frame, no zoom, no depth of field to play with. We compose each scene in a 360-degree environment, ensuring a viewer won’t miss important part of the storyline.

Our post-production workflow is when most of the magic starts coming together.

In 360-video production it starts with stitching to make a seamless 360 degrees experience. From removing camera rig and other imperfections from the scene. Colour correction and grading are important part of the workflow, ensuring we get the most from the captured footage and create a pleasing 360 degrees visual experience. Audio is a critical element in any 360 degrees experience and the major factor for deep immersion. We capture and process audio with the same care as we do for video.

For interactive VR and AR experiences the post-production workflow depends on each project. Our inhouse facitilies are more than enough to handle big projects.

We explain and recommend the most effective ways of the content distribution regardless of platform. Our work doesn’t end until you have a complete solution that fits your needs.

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