Photogrammetry is the process of creating hyper-realistic 3D replicas of any subject, and enables us to bring anything from tiny objects to vast environments into 3D space and interactive applications. These models can be animated using real-time 3D facial scans and full body motion tracking. Photogrammetry enables us to recreate any person, place, or thing in a virtual space.


LIDAR Laser Scanning

Through Light Detection and Ranging, LIDAR laser can create a detailed digital copy of the real world. Combined with the texture from photos this can create organic 3D models, from items to massive landscapes. We work with LIDAR to help clients visualize spaces, buildings and environments but also to help scientists and the public sector to measure, archive and plan.

Volumetric Capture

Volumetric Capture and Advanced Formats

We also work with a variety of real-world captured virtual reality applications. 3D-scanning, Volumetric Capture and other interactive formats. These pipelines are often more experimental, but we love to dig deeper in these new immersive formats.