Son Doong Cave

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Hang Son Doong in Vietnam is the world’s largest cave. It’s opening was discovered in the early 1990s, but the cave wasn’t fully explored until in 2009. Scientists have just begun to unravel its many unique features and describe its specific ecology.

We are still proud that we could play a part in immortalizing it as an interactive digital story, that is still relevant today.


Virtual tour online to experience the largest cave system in the world

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The Project

In many ways, the Son Doong 360 project was the spiritual beginning of what is now IVAR Studios. The brainchild of Martin Edström, one of IVAR Studios founders, it is a project that gained attention all over the world and sparked inspiration for new ways to tell stories online.

As Martin got the mission to capture the world’s largest cave in 360-degree images for National Geographic, he pulled together a team of friends and future colleagues that worked tirelessly during an intense week-long expedition covering the gargantuan caverns resting below the earth in central Vietnam.

The result was a first-of-its kind interactive experience, published to worldwide audiences so they could take a virtual trip inside the cave and see it as if they were there. The digital feature has won several awards and earned recognition all over the world. You can read more of the full story on Martin’s website, here.


The production resulted in a fully web-based interactive virtual tour online that let you explore the Son Doong cave as if you were there for the expedition. Since then, IVAR Studios has also developed a VR app used for select audiences to experience the cave in virtual reality.

The tour launched on National Geographic’s website in 2015 and is open to experience for everyone.

ClientNational Geographic
DirectorMartin Edström
TeamFredrik Edström, Erik Löfblad, Alfred Runow, Sebastian Zethraeus, Mats Kahlström, Katja Adolphson

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