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Virtual tours to sites otherwise closed to the public

Enabling otherwise impossible visits to Stockholm Exergi

Have you ever wondered where the heat in your home comes from? And how it gets there? Visit the source from anywhere, using virtual tours for digital visits at Stockholm Exergi’s four energy plants in Stockholm.

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Digital visits
24/7 - 365 days a year

Virtual tours and VR hardware kits

Digital visits

Stockholm Exergi has four plants in the Stockholm area. We are creating virtual tours for all four of the locations, giving access to locations that are ordinarily closed for the public. The four plants are in central locations around Stockholm.

Since the pandemic of 2020, Stockholm Exergi has canceled all on-site visits for the public, by using digital means they have now been able to invite the public back into their production sites.

The four sites are security classified and visiting them has been something that has been highly requested, but not something easy to arrange due to the security and dangers of the active work happening in each plant. 

With our virtual tours they are now open for digital visits 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Virtual Reality-kits

Integrating VR in an organization can be a overwhelming process. We have streamlined this process with our VR-kits. The virtual tours produced for Stockholm Exergi can now be used in their VR-headsets and brought to events, expos and different types of activation activities.

With the use of the VR-headsets Exergi can enable users to really feel like they are visiting one of their plants supplying heating, cooling, electricity and waste management services.

ClientStockholm Exergi
TeamIVAR Studios
Year2021 – Ongoing

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