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Elder care facility in VR


Vardaga is one of the largest private elderly care providers in Sweden. To aid their work when establishing new elder care facilities we created a 360-video to use at events and expos.

We also created a virtual visit to their elder care facilities. You can find the virtual tour here.

Elder care facility virtual tour and in 360-video

Understand how Vardaga
builds their facilities

Our solution

Production occured in the beginning of 2020. We created assets for both the 360-video and the virtual tour at the same time, enabling a quick turnaround.

The virtual tour was populated with media assets provided by Vardaga. Enabling them to re-use their previous produced content.

The 360-video was shot in high quality 8k video. We directed, produced and edited the finished product. The 360-video was delivered in pre-prepared VR-headsets for easy usage.

The Result

Vardaga uses their 360-video in VR-headsets prepared by us. These headsets are locked to the 360-video and is the perfect companion for events. The virtual tour is live on Vardaga’s website and has a very high engagement rate. The virtual tour enables visits that are otherwise impossible to implement. You can find the virtual tour here.

Over 35% of the visitors of the virtual tour stay for over 3 minutes – meaning the engagement rate is very high for a website visit.

ServicesProduction, Distribution
TeamFredrik Edström, Oliver Akermo, Manne Söderlund

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