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Digital access to Sweden's natural heritage

Virtual National Parks by IVAR Studios

Making our natural heritage accessible for everyone

IVAR Studios is on a quest to allow digital access to all of Sweden’s National Parks. To everyone, for free.

We simply love the outdoors. And we believe it should be open to everyone. That’s why we’re on a quest to make all of Sweden’s National Parks available as online virtual national parks, a new type of digital access that lets you explore our natural heritage as if you were actually there. In a browser, or in virtual reality.

We started with making Fulufjället National Park available in 2021, and will continue to capture more in 2022. We tailor the process to not just offer visual aspects of the park, but to make it a valuable resource for anyone. If you suffer from a disability, don’t have the time or simply want to plan your visit – this is for you.

Opening digital doors to Sweden's National Parks

Virtual national parks - online for everyone

The virtual tour format

Sweden’s natural heritage spans a total of 30 national parks, most of which are located in remote places, often with difficult access.

People from all over the world travel to explore and experience these natural heritage sites. But not everyone has the means to do so. We want to democratize visiting the national parks, and at the very minimum trigger curiousity for them – leading to more visits, digital or real.

Our virtual tours are built to be cross-platform compatible – you can engage with them from your smartphone, tablet, PC or even in VR. We want to remove the threshold while offering a high-end experience.

A first chapter

The Fulufjället virtual tour is the first chapter in our passion project about making Sweden’s natural space into virtual national parks available to anyone with access to the internet.

We aim to keep indexing the national parks and bring these virtual tours to everyone, for free, to enjoy in a VR headset or on their phone.

Because even if you can’t visit in person, we believe you should get access to the incredibly rich natural heritage that is enshrined in our national parks. Stay tuned for more parks to be added.

ClientThe General Public
TeamIVAR Studios
Year2022 and onward

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