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Communicating is easy, but doing it in a way so that people actually listen to what you say is quite a different story. The goal with marketing and communication is to be seen, remembered, and preferred over competitors which can be achieved by repetition or engagement. While repetition can be experienced by customers as intrusive and annoying, when we get people to interact and willingly engage with what we communicate we’ve hit the jackpot.

Communicate with immersive techniques

Having a virtual tour has been shown to increase Google Search growth and Google Maps appearances by 16%. Having visitors linger longer on the page boosts your Google ranking. The average ROI for 360 virtual images is less than four weeks.That’s all fantastic statistics about a more engaged target audience but in marketing and communication, the only limitation is one’s imagination. Virtual and augmented reality opens up endless new engaging and fun ways to market, with guerilla marketing, online viral marketing, view products at home or on yourself, and other creative marketing forms as an example to reach and engage customers. Have a look at one example of creative marketing below.

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Plan International

Increased awareness about the refugee crisis

The door to another world

What is it like being a refugee? With the increasing amount of refugees in the world, that’s what we wanted to spread awareness about in an engaging memorable way. The door was a project developed in cooperation with Plan International.

To grab peoples attention we put a blue door in the middle of Sweden’s busiest plazas, allowing anyone to open the door to enter a refugee camp in Tanzania using augmented reality.

The app created for the event on Sergels Square was released on both iOS and Android platforms, and Plan International still uses the app and the interactive virtual tour My New Home as an impactful piece to discuss the refugee crisis in schools.The work was featured in Resume, one of Sweden’s top magazines about mass media and marketing communications.

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