Future coworkers of the steel industry

What does the future look like for the steel industry? And how can we attract a new segment of youth to consider a career in steel?

We took up this challenge together with education non-profit organisation Framtidsfrön, and received a grant by the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA to explore these concepts as a classroom product.

The goal of the grant was to make the steelmaking industry more attractive to young people, since it’s a rapidly growing industry with a high demand for workforce.

In partnership with educational experts FramtidsfrönI and IT-engineers Fleewid, IVAR Studios made an in-browser platform with virtual tours, aimed towards middle school education. In the platform you got to experience five professions at Uddeholm’s top-modern steel plant in Sweden – taking the story beyond a study visit and into the fire of the production process. The platform was built to be scalable from the start, in an on-going process to add more functionality and more professions to the content base.

The platform combines 360-videos with digital assignments, that makes it possible for the teacher to follow the students’ progress in real time.The idea is that the platform can be used both in teacher-led classes and remotely from students’ homes.

The platform is now integrated in Framtidsfröns educational web tools, that is currently available to the majority of middle school teachers in Sweden. The project received great feedback from both teachers and students, and in the heat of the corona pandemic it got recommended by the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket).

ClientFramtidsfrön, VinnovaServicesIdea Development, Project management, Production, Post-production Year2019-2020

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