Professional Driver VR Experiences

Without trucks, Sweden – and the rest of the world – would stand still. How can we assure that the driving industry keeps on finding new talent and educate their staff? With an equal focus on communication, attracting new coworkers and validating experience, TYA wanted to develop new digital tools for their current and future staff.

“We wanted to show what a job in this sector means in an honest way, and we think the VR experiences efficiently does that. It was easy to collaborate with IVAR Studios on this. “

We produced 13 unique instructive 360-videos where you get to follow a driver at work. A key goal was to highlight the variety in the field, and as a co-driver, you got to experience a lot of different vehicles, including a timber transport, a tow truck and asphalt paver.

The 360-videos can also be used to validate knowledge, for example if a driver is to change work vehicle and wants to find out if he or she has the right skill set to do so. It can also be used as an educational tool for novice drivers, as it gives a lot of insight and an opportunity to study trickier work operations carried out by a professional .

ClientTYA, Union for Swedish Transport professionalsServicesStorytelling, Production, Post-production

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