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An accessible visit to Fulfjället National Park

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A digital door

Step into Fulufjället National Park, explore it’s many trails and get inspired to plan your own visit. In this first chapter, we open the digital doors to one of Sweden’s many national parks – with more of them to follow.

Enjoy the experience in your browser – or in VR.

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Opening the digital doors to Fulufjället National Park

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A virtual tour

Sweden’s natural heritage spans a total of 30 national parks, and Fulufjället is one of the most accessible ones that still gives you a remarkable big-mountain feel.

Fulufjället national park is home to the famous waterfall Njupeskär, arguably Sweden’s tallest waterfall and one of the largest in Scandinavia. It’s worth the hike, we assure you.

Fulufjället is known as one of the most accessible parks as has it accessability facilities. However some parts of the trail is still steep and on gravel. This is why we’ve created a digital version – so everyone can experience the park.

Through our virtual tour, you get digital access to Fulufjället national park and can explore it at your own leisure, while getting advice and insight to plan for a real visit if you want to.

A first chapter

The Fulufjället virtual tour is the first chapter in our passion project Virtual National Parks about making Sweden’s national parks available to anyone with access to the internet.

We aim to keep indexing the national parks and bring these virtual tours to everyone, for free, to enjoy in a VR headset or on their phone.

Because even if you can’t visit in person, we believe you should get access to the incredibly rich natural heritage that is enshrined in our national parks.

ClientThe General Public
TeamJonathan Lövholm, Oliver Akermo, Fredrik Edström, Martin Edström

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